Who is Nick Crump?
Vital and not so vital statistics

I have lived in Shaftesbury area for about 30 years bringing up two fine sons with my wife Heather.

I divide my time between creative musical antics and looking after a 14 acre garden (not mine). Therefore I could be a musical gardener or a gardening musician, either way it gives me a very rounded and rewarding life.

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember. My father was a professional oboist in London and he undoubtedly had a strong influence on me. Experimenting with all sorts of instruments in my youth gave me a broad taste for many different styles and genres, from classical, to folk and jazz.

When the boys reached the right age, I re-kindled my interest in the recorder and realised what a versatile instrument it can be when played with care and skill. I moved from playing classical music to folk, and then started to compose melodies for our then newly formed Hambledon Hopstep Band (a ceilidh band established in 1985 and still going strong). I also took up the trumpet again and enjoyed re-discovering the dynamic range and wide variety of tones that it can produce.

The environmental campaigning organisation
Common Ground and its 3 year project called Confluence got me going on inventing instruments from plumbing. The plumbers Robert and Pete Cowley of Sturminster Newton helped with materials and I set about making tuned drainpipes and the infamous boghorn made from a brand new loo.

Karen Wimhurst (friend/composer/musician) wrote pieces specially for them and sax quartet which was part of the show
Pipeworks. Since then I have invented the bath harp and music was again composed specially for it by Karen.

Since then I have made or acquired many unusual instruments to play at my various bookings.