Introducing Professor H2O
and his show - Watery Notes.

What is rain water harvesting?
What percentage of the world's water is fresh?
Learn the truth about bottled water!

The effervescent Professor H2O is on a mission to dazzle you with drains, ponder over pipes and wonder at water. Tearing himself away from his research work into 'backwash sluicing' at Oxbow University, the Professor is ready to shower you with watery wisdom. 
Amazing unplugged facts about water and pipes mixed with bubbles of music from his unique musical plumbing. This whirlpool of information and entertainment is flushed with urgency and humour.
Immerse yourself in his show Watery Notes to understand how valuable and essential water is for all life on earth and our need to conserve it.
Suitable for ages between 2 and 102.
WARNING: singing in the bath will never be the same again.

"The best thing was the professor himself, he was a really good actor and everything he said was interesting" Ryan M. (aged 11) from St Michael's school, Lyme Regis
Classmate Daniel L. (also aged 11) added:
"The instruments were funny, especially the boghorn which was made from a toilet"