Nick's Tune Book

30 years of composing tunes

Nick's book
Nick has rounded up 56 tunes from his collection and published them in a quality spiral bound book. As a bonus included in the price of the book, each tune has also been recorded and are available as a guide for learning. Access instructions to these audio files are given in the book. Over 70 minutes of free audio.

Nick in the studio
Photo at Sylvafield Recording Studio taken in July 2019 by Ed Bersey.

The book, with a foreword by Tim Laycock, contains an eclectic mix of music. These range from folk dance tunes to solo trumpet pieces and a four part harmony hymn.

Many of the tunes were written for the
Hambledon Hopstep Band, founded by Nick, with Tim and Angela Laycock, in 1985.

The tune book with access to all the recorded sound tracks costs £10.

Please contact me if you are interested in having the tune book sent to you.