The antics of a maverick...........

This is an archive of some of the projects that Nick was involved in.

The 12 foot long alphorn being given a little blast in his back garden.

The most influential project that Nick has been involved in was the Confluence Project which ran from 1998 for 3 years. It was an initiative that was created by the environmental campaigning organisation Common Ground as an arts venture that ran the length of the River Stour starting at Stourhead Wiltshire and ended at the sea in Christchurch. He got involved along with many others with the mission of raising awareness of the value of water. Songs, tunes and poems were written and performed at venues along the river, choirs and bands were formed including Pipeworks which was the group Nick joined. Karen Wimhurst composed music and songs.

BN_Boghorn_02 2.jpg300dpi
The first invented instrument by Nick was the 'boghorn', he is shown here in a photo (credit Peter Willows) playing it by the river. It became well known through the exposure it received in the national newspapers, TV and radio (including Woman's Hour).

Over the last few years I have been involved with lots of schools, arts centres, festivals and other creative workshops.

The work has mainly been with primary school children, but not always. The age group 5-11 are the most responsive to constructive 'hands-on' workshops and the educational concerts are very well received too. I have also worked with teenagers and adults, and special needs children. Making musical instruments from all sorts of everyday materials and plumbing is the most popular, but equally successful workshops are making wind chimes,
or willow and rush fish, or North American dream catchers, or snow globes or games.

Here are some workshops that have been popular in recent years:
Willow and rush fish

Bottle bassoons as part of Arts University Bournemouth project for Museum of Design in Plastic schools project 2018. The instruments were made from plastic bottle, pipe and a balloon.